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If your school or community group are hoping to acheive Arts Mark then it is advisable to be

running Arts Award.  Arts Mark is for the organisation, Arts Award is for the individual.


I am a trained Arts Award advisor at Discover (5 - 25 yrs) and Explore (7 - 25yrs) level plus Bronze and Silver levels (11 - 25yrs).


My first Arts Award course was run at Explore level in an afterschool club environment.  This was run at and supported by a local Primary school and was funded by the parents.  


I have also run Arts Award which was supported and funded by the school and as such was undertaken during school hours.  This was aimed at a group of children who, for various reasons

needed extra  support and attention - with the focus being to build their confidence and self esteem.



These models for delivering Arts Award are just a couple of ways in which way Arts Award can be delivered.  


The joy of being a trained advisor is that I can devise courses as I see fit, tweeking them to suit the needs of individual groups, available budget and setting.  So if you are interested get in touch to see if we can devise a programme tailored to your specific needs.


Sue Guildford  - [email protected] - Mob: 0780 450 9172 - Home: 01270 768060

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Arts Award Advisor - Discover & Explore level, plus Bronze & Silver level